A higher level of care since 2011.

Fully licensed ambulance provider specializing in non-emergency and emergency medical transportation.

Our Services

Emergency Services

  • Advanced Life Supports (ALS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Critical Care Transportation (CCT)

Non-Emergency Services

  • Doctor Visits
  • Dialysis
  • Wound Care

Transportation Services

  • Special Needs Transports (SNT)
  • Inter-Facility Transfers
  • Hospice Transports
  • Behavioral Patient Transports
  • Ventilator Patient Transports
  • Cancer Treatment Transports
  • Long Distance Transports

Event Coverage

  • On-scene ALS staffed ambulances (local high school sporting events, local festivals, and large local events).
  • On-site Paramedic who can treat patients on site until an ambulance arrives.

Cutting-Edge Technology


Excelsior will bring physician care straight to the scene remotely. This new equipment will allow local hospitals to evaluate patients remotely from their Emergency Room. An ER physician will be able to speak to the patient “live.”

Mobile X-Rays

Remote x-ray service will allow emergency room physicians and trauma surgeons to request films that help with the management of their patients, enabling them to provide direct care of a patient that is still hours away from the nearest hospital.


This new system will allow medical directors and pharmacists to better track and manage medications, but it can also be used to monitor Paramedics and the medications they use during patient treatment.

Our Service Areas

Long County, Georgia

Lake City, Florida

Operating North Florida & South Georgia VA Contract

Montgomery, Alabama